How We Can Help

At jHUB, we look to provide a new way for interfaith couples and families to comfortably explore, discover and personalize the meaning of Jewish culture and values in the modern world. Our approach is actively non-judgmental — always cognizant of the sensitivities of those seeking our services, and responsive — committed to delivering the best possible answer for each individual and their family.

We aren’t big on labels at jHUB. Our goal isn’t to find the right box for you to fit into, or us for that matter. We just want to hear your story and think you should hear ours too.

jHUB Offers Something for Everybody

Pull Up a Chair At Our Table

The best advice comes from sharing experiences. We host a number of casual get-togethers for interfaith couples and families to get to know one another in a relaxed environment where they can share with one another over some good food and drink.

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Celebrate the Holidays

The holidays are a time for families to come together. And, we have free opportunities to learn about and celebrate a number of holidays. Our Hanukkah in a box, for example, is a simple way to introduce Jewish culture in an interfaith home.

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Couples Workshops: Every couple is different. But, every interfaith couple can relate to some common challenges. Come to one of our workshops and connect with new friends who are navigating some of the same issues that you may be facing.

Parent & Grandparent Workshops: Meet with other parents and grandparents to learn skills for navigating family relationships in the context of multiple backgrounds and traditions.

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Make It Official

We’re happy to introduce you to local clergy who officiate weddings, partnerships, and counsel interfaith couples.

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Stop, Drop... Shabbat

Looking for other couples or families with whom you can celebrate the Sabbath? We offer a wide variety of activities from meal planning to crafts for your children. It’s a time to pause and reflect. We make it easy for busy people to do just that. Interested in hosting your own Shabbat dinner or being hosted? Let’s do Shabbat!

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They Didn't Teach This In My School

Are you a parent looking for a crash course in Jewish culture and customs? Whether you were raised with Judaism or not, all questions are good questions. Raise your hand and ask away in a comfortable environment. We are a great resource for parents looking to take a more active role in their children’s Jewish upbringing.

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So, How Can We Help You?

If you have questions or suggestions on a program that would better fit your interests and needs, ask a Rabbi!

If you’re interested in exploring the variety of other Jewish organizations, early childhood programs, or synagogues in Cleveland, we’re happy to help with that too!

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Honeymoon Israel

Are you a young couple between the ages of 25 and 40 with at least one Jewish partner who is within the first five years of marriage or early in their lifelong committed partnership? Through a national partnership with Honeymoon Israel, jHUB runs one trip a year for 20 couples who all live in the greater Cleveland area. Email Julia Miozzi at to learn more about the experience and to see if you are eligible.

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We've Formed Amazing Relationships

“My husband and I have grown closer and actually had a few more conversations about how to raise our children with Judaism. It is really wonderful to have this shared experience with my husband so we can talk about it together with our children rather than me being the one who has info to share about Israel and Judaism.”

jHUB Participant

“Not only did we begin to learn about ourselves and what living Jewishly meant to us, jHUB also enabled us to find a community of other couples who are experiencing all the same types of things we are going through. It didn’t take long for this support system to become a circle of friends.

Nina and I have found in Jewish Cleveland the home we always wanted, thanks to jHUB. From the fun learning tools we could use at home – like ‘Hanukkah in a Box’ to welcoming and inclusive events, jHUB has opened our eyes and opened doors for us time after time.”

Nina & Scott

“Rabbi Melinda always does an awesome job in helping everyone gain a better understanding of Jewish life and values. If someone mentions something (within reference to Jewish life) that others may not know about, Rabbi Melinda never assumes that everyone knows and always makes sure to help give further explanation. She’s perfect for interfaith families in this way.”

jHUB Participant

“We appreciate the support and resources jHUB has provided us as we explore who we are as individuals and as a couple. Attending jHUB events and programs has helped provide context about my family traditions while increasing my level of comfort in discussing these topics with my significant other. Attending jHUB events has also helped us establish new friendships and feel closer to a community of others who are looking to establish new connections and form stronger bonds as well.”

jHUB Participant

“My entire family is comfortable at jHUB events. I didn’t have to explain to [jHUB staff] that this is the person I married. It was no big deal! A very warm, friendly experience.”

jHUB Participant

“My wife and I found our jHUB experiences fantastic all around; the staff at the events were fantastic, we met some really good people, and found a platform to express ourselves as it relates to interfaith marriage and planning for a family. Thank you so very much!”

jHUB Participant

“Rabbi Chase was amazing. He instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease which is huge for me. Given that Jewish customs and traditions are still new to me, I sometimes get overwhelmed when I’m thrown into high holidays, etc. Chase created such a welcoming environment and made everyone feel valued. I’m very grateful for this course!”

jHUB Participant

“It’s a relief to know that what we are dealing with isn’t totally unique.”

jHUB Participant

“Meeting with other interfaith couples in our area and spending some time connecting with my husband [was what I enjoyed most about the Cleveland Honeymoon Israel trip]. It was really special to see Israel through my husband’s eyes since this was his first time. We really don’t have any Jewish connections to Cleveland and we now feel like we have come back with a new Jewish family. It is really hard to make new friends as an adult. This trip has provided the opportunity to make very close friendships in a short amount of time. I don’t think that could have been accomplished any other way than a trip where you are around the other couples all day for 10 days.”

jHUB Participant

“I was very happy that my kids were able to have their first camping experience with this event. As I am converting to Judaism, I’ve heard so much about the Jewish camping experience. I’ve read many times how other converts have missed out on that experience during their childhood as they didn’t convert until they were adults. It was very meaningful to me that I was able to have a version of that experience!”

jHUB Participant

“Our meeting with you, and the Grandparents Group, gave us momentum, helpful ideas, and a little more confidence to raise issues with our son and his wife in a way that is respectful of them. We thank you very much for this!”

A Grandparent

“Without jHUB, we feel we would still be searching for other couples “just like us.” We will forever be grateful for the opportunities and experiences provided to us by jHUB. Thank you!”

Michelle & Dan

“When I see Danya at activities, she’s great. She remembers my son’s name. I feel a relationship with her when I’m at the activities. I would definitely be comfortable reaching out to [jHUB staff] for help.”

jHUB Participant

“I think [the jHUB workshop] was wonderful. The environment was welcoming and made me very comfortable. Everyone involved in putting together this series was very thoughtful. It was planned out well and helped us learn more than I thought we would.”

jHUB Participant

“Your events keep getting better. The staff is doing a great job!”

jHUB Participant

“I think first off there were definitely a few issues that were raised that as a couple we hadn’t yet discussed or even thought about and that was extremely helpful. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know, so having the guided topics and questions were useful. Additionally more than answers and discussion we were looking to find support. Not every situation is the same and how everyone handles them is different, but I really feel that attending this workshop has helped us to start to build this community that we can look to in times of questions as well as building our resources.”

jHUB Participant