The Our Stories Collection

jHUB is honored to partner with Jews across Northeast Ohio to explore their stories and how the convergence of their identities has shaped their experiences within and beyond the Cleveland Jewish community.  We hope that these stories show different perspectives, life experiences, and diverse ways that people live Jewishly. 

Project Recaps

Enhance Shabbat with Shabbat-in-a-DIGITAL-Box!

Shabbat is one of the most well known Jewish holidays. It is celebrated every week from sundown Friday to sundown on Saturday. We’ve created the perfect Shabbat resource to help you make this holiday your own!

Featuring Shabbat blessings, recipes, crafts, a Shabbat playlist, and so much more, “Shabbat-in-a-DIGITAL-box” is just one way we are working to help you create meaningful Jewish experiences that fit the needs and rhythm of your life.

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