The Our Stories Collection

jHUB is honored to partner with Jews across Northeast Ohio to explore their stories and how the convergence of their identities has shaped their experiences within and beyond the Cleveland Jewish community.  We hope that these stories show different perspectives, life experiences, and diverse ways that people live Jewishly. 

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Digital Boxes


shabbat in a box (1)

Struggling to create an inclusive Shabbat experience? Download our Shabbat-in-a-DIGITAL-Box! A helpful guide for celebrating & creating a meaningful Shabbat.

Rosh Hashanah

rosh hashanah in a box

Enjoy unique High Holy Days traditions from three countries around the world: Tunisia, Uganda, and India. Discover recipes, music, crafts and more to add into your celebrations this year!


hanukkah in a box

Get access to jHUB’s Hanukkah Holiday Guide!  Make the most out of this eight-day celebration, with a history primer, new recipes and activities, and so much more!


passover in a box

Go forth on a remarkable expedition with jHUB’s free Passover-in-a-Digital-Box! Use this guidebook to travel through the preparation and celebration of Passover.