At jHUB, we look to provide a new way for interfaith couples and families to comfortably explore, discover and personalize the meaning of Jewish culture and values in the modern world. Our approach is actively non-judgmental — always cognizant of the sensitivities of those seeking our services, and responsive — committed to delivering the best possible answer for each individual and their family.

We aren’t big on labels at jHUB. Our goal isn’t to find the right box for you to fit into, or us for that matter. We just want to hear your story and think you should hear ours too.

Eshkar's grandparents, Rina, left, and Razi, right

A Jewish interfaith love story from Israel

We want to share an interfaith love story from Israel with you. Meet Eshkar Kates, and learn about her interfaith grandparents’ history. Their journey, which included rejection, showed Eshkar the importance of acceptance and self-advocacy.

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