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From resources to workshops and programming, we are the only organization in Cleveland solely focused on supporting interfaith couples and families exploring Jewish culture and values.

Hi, We’re jHUB!

jHUB exists to welcome, listen to, and embrace interfaith couples and families as they explore Jewish culture and customs that can enrich their lives. To learn where they came from. To explore possibilities for the road ahead. To continue their search for connection. And, to engage in a comfortable space — at their own pace.

In addition to events, we connect you to Jewish clergy for your lifecycle needs, and host workshops for couples and grandparents to learn with their peers how to navigate issues unique to being part of an interfaith family.

Upcoming Events

We offer regular programming for both couples and families to comfortably explore, discover and personalize Jewish culture and values in an accessible and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Customized, Inclusive Resources

In addition to our events, we offer holiday resources and opportunities to learn about Jewish culture to make it easy to share Jewish customs and values with relatives and friends.

Our Holiday Guides



Sept. 6 – 8

Rosh HaShanah

May 16 – 18



Eshkar's grandparents, Rina, left, and Razi, right

A Jewish interfaith love story from Israel

We want to share an interfaith love story from Israel with you. Meet Eshkar Kates, and learn about her interfaith grandparents’ history. Their journey, which included rejection, showed Eshkar the importance of acceptance and self-advocacy.

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